Upcoming Youth Events


Saturday, May 17th (2:00PM-7:00PM)—HARVEY MILK FESTIVAL!  Five Points Park (North Pineapple Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34236).


• This is going to be an all-afternoon and late-night, engaging music and speaking event!


• ALSO is going to have a booth from 2:00-7:00PM, and youth, Board members, and volunteers are encouraged to sign up to sit with us for at least half an hour, on this event scheduler: http://doodle.com/ycidu9572zg54rbg#table .


Harvey Milk Festival has been a long-time supporter of ALSO, and we’d love to help them by getting youth to volunteer as Festival “floaters” to help the event run smoothly. This is a FUN event and probably the most fun way to earn documented volunteer hours. The festival has asked that interested youth go to the Volunteer Check-In at random intervals throughout the day (as early as 9:00AM, noon, 3:00PM, 6:00PM, or even 9:00PM to help breakdown). You can volunteer for as little as an hour or as long as 3-4+ hours! You’ll not only be helping an important community event; you’ll also be showing great representation for ALSO!


• Wear or bring any ALSO-swag, if you’ve got it!



Thursday, May 22nd (5:30PM-6:30PM)—Field Trip to Accept Grant!


• Donna worked very hard to write and obtain a generous grant from the Our Sarasota Fund and the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, affording us the ability to be open for our Tuesday hours.


• ALSO is accepting the grant in a ceremony at the Community Foundation Building (2635 Fruitville Road, Sarasota), which is less than 5 minutes away by car.


• We would love for any youth in our center to be present to accept the award and represent ALSO.


• This means we will be CLOSING THE CENTER at 5:15PM (right after Don’s group), to carpool to the event. Because the event will likely go until 6:30PM, please try to make transportation plans accordingly (either going home at 5:15PM, or after the event at 6:30PM).


• Please come dressed in your ALSO shirt, or dressed up a little more than usual, if possible!



Friday, May 23rd (5:00PM-10:00PM)—Youth Summer Ice Cream Social!


• As always, we are open for our regular hours this Friday (starting at 2:00PM), but we will hold our Ice Cream Social from 5:00-10:00PM!


• We will be making our own ice cream, using a few different methods, with many toppings/flavors you can add yourself!


• We’d love to invite youth from PRISM Youth Initiative, as well as any friends you may have made at Alternative Prom, so please feel free to invite your friends!

Upcoming Donor Events



October 11, 2014


Save the Date!

Past Youth Events


Saturday, May 10th (6:00PM-10:00PM):


A Summer Night:

Alternative Prom 2014!


ALSO's high school prom for LGBT youth, friends, and allies at The Out-of-Door

Academy (5950 Deer Drive, Sarasota, FL).  With ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-SIX attendees; food by PDQ, Blue Rooster, and Cupcakes a Go Go; refreshments by Tropicana; Photo Booth by Fairy Tale Productions; Lighting by Affairs in the Air; and music by DJ Johnny Speed.



Friday, May 2nd (3:00PM-6:00PM): ALSO Youth's Field Trip to Meet the (crazy-big) GSA at North Port High School in Preparation for our Alternative Prom!


Friday, April 25th (3:00PM-6:00PM): ALSO's first Open Mic Afternoon! Feel free to come in and share any writing, music, or other creative projects you've been working on with your peers!


Wednesday, April 23rd (7:30PM): "Take Back the Night" event at New College.  This is an international stand against sexual violence that promotes the elimination of sexual violence by standing in solidarity as a community and allowing a stage for survivors to share their stories and "reclaim the night."  Interested youth should meet at ALSO's Drop-In Center at 7:00PM to carpool with Molly to the event.


Friday, April 18th (5:00PM-10:00PM): Youth Social & Opportunity to Meet ALSO Board Members (Spring theme: ceramics painting and flower planting).


Monday, April 14th (7:00PM): "Sexversations" event to talk about sexual health, hosted by SPARCC and Forgartyville Café, 525 Kumquat Court. We are going to take the five-minute walk to there from ALSO's Drop-In Center. More information can be found here.


Saturday, April 12th (10:00AM-12:30PM): "No Hate Walk" over Ringling Bridge with Discussion and Party with youth from other agencies in JD Hamel Park.  More information about the host organization, Community Youth Development, and the event can be found here.


Tuesday, April 8th (5:00PM-6:00PM): Guest Speaker from SPARCC (Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center) at ALSO's Drop-In Center.


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