Applying to college soon? The college application process presents every prospective student with challenges. LGBTQIA students might face extra burdens during the application process. Here you'll find tips on the college application process, information on LGBTQIA-friendly institutions, and scholarships available to LGBTQIA students. 

Top 10 Colleges for LGBTQ+ Students

  1. Cornell University

  2. Elon University 

  3. Indiana University - Bloomington 

  4. Ithica College 

  5. Macalester Colege 

  6. Montclair State University 

  7. Princeton University 

  8. Rutgers University

  9. San Diego State University 

  10. Southern Oregon University 

  1. American University 

  2. Barnard College

  3. Brandeis University 

  4. Brown University 

  5. Bryn Mawr College 

  6. Carleton College 

  7. Concordia University 

  8. Cornell University 

  9. Duke University 

  10. Hampshire College

lgbtqia scholarhipsAnd Other Resources

Did you know there are scholarships available to LGBTQIA

 students and allies who work for equal rights?  


ALSO Youth provides our own yearly scholarship for students seeking four year undergraduate education. 

Find out more here!

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